You Break, You Buy are an instrumental rock band based in London, UK, and hailing from Italy, Ireland, Sweden and England. Like most people these days, they met on the Internet in the Autumn of 2012. After a few dates and some heavy petting they knew that a strong musical bond would be formed and set about writing a bunch of songs that would become their first EP, Happy Happenstance, released at the end of 2014.

The EP was unanimously well received, garnering kind reviews from the likes of Fecking Bahamas and was compared to bands such as Enemies, Elephant Gym, Alarmist and The Redneck Manifesto to name a few. It was also featured on The Math-Rock News’ Winter ’14/15 compilation. In support of this release they shared the stage with, amongst others, El Ten Eleven, Alarmist and Town Portal.

The announcement of the upcoming release of their second EP, Don’t Join the Circus, in January 2017, coupled with the release of the first track from the record, Neighsayer, was met enthusiastically by the community. The band are very excited to unveil the rest of their material and are planning a UK tour to support its release early 2017.